Which Flowers Are Best For Each Occasion?

Which Flowers Are Best For Each Occasion?

Were you ever caught in a situation where you don’t know what flowers to choose? Should you go for roses? Daisies? Or peonies? Fret not! Here’s a list that will make your next trip to the florist way easier.

Flowers for ValentinesValentines day away!

We all know what Valentine’s day mean. Showing your appreciation to your love ones of course! For this particular occasion, there are two particular features you need to pay special attention to: the number of flowers and the stage of the relationship you are in.

If the relationship is just starting, then choose roses that are purple, orange or light pink in nature. These flowers are meant to showcase the gentle start and the playfulness of a newly blossoming relationship. However, as the relationship matures, slowly increase the level of red in the roses. This will thus showcase the stronger meanings of maturity and seriousness of a relationship. However there are also colors which are unsuitable, Taboo colours to avoid giving would be yellow as it signifies friendship and disappointment (unless that’s what you want?)

Other notable flowers you can give would include tulips, carnations and lilies.

There are many interpretations behind the number of flowers given but here are some general ones:

One: A start of a relationship or ‘you are the one for me’

Two: Mutual love

Three: An anniversary present

Six: ‘I want to be yours’ or infatuation

Nine: Eternal love

Ten: Perfection

Twelve: ‘Be mine’

And the list continues on. A good number to give is a number from one to twelve. Any number above twelve is excessive and will cloud the meaning behind your gift!

Flowers to Give Thanks

A simple flower thank you!

Ever wanted to give thanks to a person but is at a loss at what to give? A gift of flowers is often a good choice. They are widely accepted and bring the meaning across exceptional well! Something that represents the person is often a great choice. However, if you are at a loss,  daisies and other bright coloured ones are great candidates. Try to shy towards the colour yellow to show that you are coming across as a friend though!

Flowers for Mother’s DayGreatest appreciation for our mothers with flowers!

Need a gift to show your undying love for your mother? Something that speaks volume and something she will love? Then try flowers! Carnations are a great choice as each colour symbolizes a different meaning. Pink for gratitude and love, red for admiration and white for a simple ‘I love you’. However, avoid yellow carnations! They signify rejection or dejection!

Flowers for the IllGet well soon in style with Flowers!

Being sick is terrible, worse if you are hospitalized. Want a small gift to brighten the person’s day up or show your best wishes? Flowers are a good gift choice! If your recipient is hospitalized, try bringing bright coloured ones with mild scents, like Irises or Tulips. For those who are stuck at home, try brighter colour to uplift the mood, this thus makes Marigold a good choice!

Honestly, there are too many flowers to even list here alone! The ones mentioned are catered to common events that will definitely ease our next trip to the florist. Therefore, we encourage you to try and experiment around with other types of flowers and find the right one for your love ones! However, if you do need more help, do drop us an email at contact@epicworkshops.com.sg and we can further advise you on which flower type is best!

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