A newer form of Art Jamming Workshop, known as Tiles Painting Workshop Singapore, allows for participants to create their own mini masterpieces on ceramic tiles.

Tiles Painting Workshop Singapore

Depending on the objective set for the tiles painting workshop (eg. team building, hens party), Tiles Painting Workshop Singapore is fully customizable such that your objectives are met. In this article, we will share what typically happens in our Tiles Painting Workshop Singapore for corporates, meant for team building.


Before securing the Tiles Painting Workshop Singapore, our proficient in-house artist will discuss and share with you possible theme of the day you would like to include in the workshop. The artist will then source out reference images, or the images could be provided by you. We will incorporate this in the workshop, and discussions are to be made prior to the workshop start date.

Tiles Painting Workshop Singapore August 2021
Tiles Painting Workshop Singapore August 2021

Tiles Painting Singapore

Tiles Painting Workshop Singapore is a great way to foster team building as participants will need to paint, bearing in mind the organizer’s theme of the day. At the end of the workshop, to enhance the team building experience, the tiles which were painted individually during the workshop can be joined together to form a decorative wall mural. This can then be placed at your workspace, so every time you step in to the office, you’ll be welcomed with a beautiful masterpiece done by you and your team.

So why wait? Enquire with us today at contact@epicworkshops.com.sg with the subject, Tiles Painting Singapore. Do visit our website at www.epicworkshops.com.sg for more selection of craft workshops!

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