Terrarium Workshop in Singapore: Use Terrariums to Teach Kids about the Environment

A hands-on, experiential curriculum that will teach participants about the natural world and DIY terrariums. Participants will learn DIY skills to create functional ecosystems in glass containers, including their importance in capturing water run-off. 

At this workshop, you’ll be able to explore the world of plants and make your own terrarium. You’ll also get a chance to meet other like-minded people who share your passion for nature.

Terrarium workshops in Singapore might be the perfect way to help people learn more about nature and make friends. You can also choose to go to a terrarium workshop in Singapore with your own family or friends.

Terrariums are a great way to teach children about the environment

Kids can see how animals and plants live together. It is important to take care of the terrarium so it stays healthy and can grow. You can also teach kids about how to use less water and the difference between reuse and recycling.

This terrarium workshop in Singapore teaches you how to make terrariums. Once the participants are done, they can take their terrarium home to care for it. The participants can use this terrarium as an artistic decoration or a science lesson with their family and friends.

When you learn about nature, it helps kids understand how important it is to keep the environment healthy so that animals can live well too. We want our next generation of humans to love and respect the world we live in – because if everyone makes small changes like using less water, planting trees, recycling more often, using reusable bags…the Earth will be happier too!

This is an opportunity for children to explore science outside of the classroom setting

Terrariums are an excellent way to teach children about science outside of the classroom setting. Children can learn about the natural world and how all living things depend on one another. Singapore is a great place to learn about the science behind terrariums because it’s a city-state with heavy rainfalls and humidity.

A terrarium is a miniature ecosystem that requires only sunlight, soil, water, and air from nature for plants to survive. They can be sealed containers or left open to the air. In order for plants to survive in a closed environment like a jar or bottle, they must work together as a community. Each plant provides something that another plant needs – some plants let off oxygen while others drink up water – and all different kinds of plants play vital roles in creating this delicate balance. A thriving terrarium is a safe habitat for animals like lizards, snails, and insects.

Participants will learn DIY skills

Participants will learn DIY skills to create functional ecosystems in glass containers, including their importance in capturing water run-off. These Terrariums are made with layered soil and pebbles, with a layer of moss on top for aeration and drainage.  This method is great for propagating healthy soil and still allows for the plant’s roots to grow.

Hands-on a terrarium workshop in Singapore will equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to create their own terrariums and teach them about the importance of natural ecosystems. Participants learn about the different types of moss and how they can be used in creating a ‘tiny jungle’. They also learn about which plants are suitable, how to take care of them, what kind of materials are needed (such as glass containers such as mason jars), and get tips on potting techniques like layering soil and adding pebbles. The workshop encourages children to go home and share their newfound knowledge with family members who may not have an opportunity or resources to access these resources. Furthermore, participants learn how to design and decorate their terrariums with accessories such as pebbles, small figurines, and other decorative items. 

This type of workshop is important for several reasons. First, it provides a hands-on learning opportunity for children to supplement what they learn in the classroom about ecosystems and natural habitats. Second, it also empowers them to take action by making decisions about what kind of environment they want to create in their own homes with their families through DIY projects. Third, this activity can be integrated within environmental education curriculums already offered in schools or community centers.


If you’re looking for a way to teach kids about the environment and how they can help, we recommend signing your child up for our upcoming terrarium workshop in Singapore. Our workshops empower children with DIY skills that will allow them to create functional ecosystems in glass containers. We focus on teaching science outside of the classroom setting so participants get an opportunity to explore their creativity as well as learn more about sustainability and conservation efforts.

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