Stress Levels And How It Will Affect YOU!

Stress Levels And How It Will Affect YOU!
Stress Levels And How It Will Affect YOU!


We know what it’s like to be stressed, and how it feels like when our stress levels are high. We all hate stress because it makes us feel bad. So where does stress come from?

The Sources of Stress


Stress overload!

We all know the daily grind of work and how our email boxes are never empty! We cringe when we see countless emails come flying in. Not getting the promotion you really deserve, and that one boss. Yes, that one boss. Co-workers breathing down our necks for today’s work. Unless you are a robot, office life is definitely a major source of stress levels today.

FamilyFamily stress levels!

You need your family and your family needs you. However, families also contribute to a huge portion of stress in our lives. Parents worrying about the safety of children. The health of our grandparents. Taxes and bills. Expectations from your parents. These are examples of the stress our families can give us in the long run.


Money and stress levels!

We all need money on a daily basis. Be it getting the new game on the market or even securing your next meal! Money is not just a commodity, it is a necessity. The stress with money lies in having too little of it. Having too little makes us worry and that makes us stress.

Now that we know where modern-day stress comes from, here are some negative impacts of stress.

The Negative Impacts of Stress

Stress decreases your concentration levels

Stress levels plays a big factor in your daily concentration. It mentally eats away your concentration levels. It distracts you from your normal working schedule. If you can’t work properly, it will only make you feel worse. That increases stress levels more!

Stress makes you paranoidParanoid stress

Being stress hurts a person’s self-esteem. It makes us over-think. It makes us doubt ourselves.  This leads us to mental deficiencies such as paranoia, depression and insomnia. Wearing down the mind further, making us more stress than we already are.

Stress increases unhealthy eating habits

Eating stressing you outWhen we are stressed, we tend to crave for comfort food. Food that basically makes us happy. However, comfort food is never healthy and adds unwanted pressure to one’s health. A study done in the United States showed that a large portion of working adults tend to engage in unhealthy eating as a result of stress. Furthermore, half of that number engages in these behaviours multiple times a week.

So now we know that stress is not good for one’s body and lifestyle, here are some small ways to reduce stress on a daily basis.

How You can Decrease Stress

Hands-on activities

Team building and stress relief

Activities which break away from work will decrease stress levels. The mind needs to have a break and a creative outlet to destress. Furthermore, if the activity is recreational with teambuilding aspects, it would reduce stress levels further. This is because there is reduced the pressure of competition and boost in the level of escapism for the individual.


Scents and stress relief

There are many forms of therapies that are designed to reduce stress: massage therapies, mediation therapies and aroma therapies. Aroma therapies are by far the simplest form of stress relief. Because it is more cost-efficient, more space-friendly and more readily available for everyone than other forms of therapies!  Scents such as Cinnamon, Rosemary and Lavender are scents that can relieve stress and uplift one’s mood in the workplace. A simple and readily accessible form of such scents that can be done in either the workplace or home would be scented candles as it is potent, space efficient and easy to make.

Having a sense of satisfaction

Satisfaction and stress relief!

Imagine the pump you get when you finish a personal goal. The shot of energy that makes feel good. When a person is satisfied with their work, the self-esteem of the person increases. This reduces the effects of stress on the body. If a physical object is associated with this level of satisfaction, there will be a greater effect on stress relief. As we can feel our accomplishments, it will feel more real, decreasing stress further. A simple activity that can accomplish this is flower arranging. This allows one to feel the process of crafting. The passion while arranging and be thoroughly satisfied with your own product!

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