Simple Landscape Paintings For Art Jamming

Hello there! Are you sourcing out for reference images, revolving around the theme of landscape paintings? In this article, we will be sharing some simple landscape paintings should you wish to adopt them in our Art Jamming Workshop!

These reference images serve as a guide to help you kickstart your art journey. It’s also relatively easy so that beginners with little to no knowledge of Art Jamming can present a decent masterpiece of your own!


#1: Sunset By The Beach – Simple Landscape Paintings | Art Jamming Workshop

simple landscape paintings

Sunset by the beach. Source: Pinterest

Nothing too complicated, this sunset by the beach is a great reference image for beginners as it makes use of just 1 painting technique throughout the artwork. The use of colours is also repetitive and constant, so you won’t have a hard time figuring out how to achieve the desired colours or how to blend the colours.

It makes a good simple reference image overall.

BONUS: This artwork will also remind you that it’s time for a getaway. Get on going, beach bums!


#2: Birds On A Flower – Simple Landscape Paintings | Art Jamming Workshop

simple landscape paintings

Birds on a flower. Source: Pinterest

This simple landscape paintings idea revolves around the theme of femininity and elegance. The white petals on the flowers allows beginners to practice holding the brush gently and accurately. The background of this landscape works with a gradient of just one colour – blue!

Also suitable if you’re into cool colours and if blue is your favourite colour! 🙂


#3: Snowing Moonlight – Simple Landscape Paintings | Art Jamming Workshop


simple landscape paintings

Snow in the moonlight. Source: Pinterest

Looks simple, right? However, this “simple landscape painting” will definitely train you on your blending skills to make sure that some elements of the painting are in 3d. Check out the blendings of various colours to form the mini mountains of snow!

Our in-house artist for Epic WorkshopsArt Jamming workshop is definitely trained to teach beginners. A live demonstration can be executed before the start of your painting!


#4:  Snowing Sheeps – Simple Landscape Paintings | Art Jamming Workshop

simple landscape paintings

Snowing sheeps. Source: Pinterest

A lovely monochromatic themed simple landscape painting featuring sheep! This simple landscape painting allows you to experience pointillism painting – to create a subtle snowing effect. Experience using a wide variety of brushes of different sizes too! The smaller brushes can be used for painting the tree, while the large brushes can be used for the landscape.


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