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Best Leathercraft Workshops - #1 Choice in Singapore

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EPIC Workshops is Singapore’s Leading Craft Team Building Workshops Provider

Trusted by 1200+ Companies

From SMEs to MNCs and Government Agencies trust EPIC. We’ve engaged more than 860,000+ participants! Choose from our wide variety of 15 indoor team building activities.

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Leather Crafting in Singapore
Why bother going to shopping malls to look for run of the mill products when you can make your own leather craft pieces at our workshop in Singapore? Sign up for our leather craft workshop in Singapore to get a chance to put together a handmade and one of a kind wallet, coin purse or cardholder you can call your own.

Our leather making workshop will be led by a skilled trainer in Singapore who will guide you through the process of creating your own leather goods. You will get the opportunity to hone your crafting skills at leather craft singapore by Epic Workshops!

Epic Workshops ― Where Creativity and Curiosity are Defined by Fringe Activities
Interactive, Fun, and Unique Ways to Add Excitement into Online Team Bonding in Singapore

Fringe Activities in Singapore for Team Bonding

Crafting is a wonderful way to create, spread, and share happiness in a positive and sustainable manner. If you want to see someone instantly smile and get into the moment of thought, try giving them a handmade card and sharing the process with them ― the happiness of getting something that has been crafted with love is limitless. It makes a person feel special, valued, and important.

Want Fun, Quick, and Easy Ways to Make Online Team Building Activities Interesting? Call Epic Workshops Now!

Fringe Activities are Mini, Crafty, and Creative Workshops…

For corporate parties and boring seminars, fringe activities are a great way to keep the attendees engaged without getting tired and bored ― it also gives them an opportunity to interact and make relations before the event begins officially.

Give any of your events a dash of excitement and help the participants create unforgettable memories in a friendly and exciting manner by giving them an opportunity to craft something. Fringe activities for corporate events are especially designed to warm up the audience to get ready for the immense learning experience.

Nothing Can Replace the Learning Gained From Hands-On Experience

We help you make every moment special from workshops, family gatherings, corporate events to birthday parties, carnivals, and seminars ― we do it all!

Get in contact with our dedicated team members who are always on their tiptoes to serve you and make your event special in every manner.

Introducing Fun into Virtual Team Bonding Workshops Singapore…

We believe in inclusivity, diversity, and creativity ― we also believe that every human being is capable of creating something beautiful. Hence, we’re providing a vivid spectrum of activities for kids, teenagers, adults, and people of all ages.

Gain Excellence, Creativity, and Much More in Leather Crafts in Singapore
Epic Workshops arranges unique, exciting and fun leather crafts workshops that help you make your team bonding activities the best.

You will face a lot of challenges in bringing your team together at a single platform. Instead of relying on communication tools, sign up for something such as bonding with leather making workshops. Whether you want us to knock at your doorstep or hit your team up online — we can arrange anything for you.

Our special leather craft workshops in Singapore will make your time worthwhile and give your guests something extraordinary to talk about for all the coming years!
Leather craftsmanship is special and rightly so.
For so many years in the past, and so many more years to come, leather craftsmanship has remained a popular material in arts and crafts.
Considering its durability and longevity, leather made things are best in both visual appearance and diversity.
Not to mention, there are so many projects you can take with your team to make leather crafts.
Take up this DIY project and start creating something that you can look at and feel proud of.

✓ Purses

✓ Table tops

✓ High heel adornments

✓ Hand bags

✓ Wallets

✓ Metallic collars

The list doesn’t end here… you can do so much more!

FAQs About Leather Crafts in Singapore
What are leather crafts?

Leather crafts — often spelled as leathercraft — is a popular form of handicrafts and one of the most popular brand of craftsmanship.

It is a detailed process that turns a piece of leather into something decorative, wearable, or usable. With leathercraft, you have the power to turn any object into a work of art.

Leather craftsmanship uses different techniques such as:

shaping techniques
coloring techniques
How many types of leather crafts techniques are there in Singapore?

Leather working techniques in Singapore usually include:

Coloring, dyeing, or painting
Shaping or reshaping
Laser cutting
Hand cutting
Introduce Excitement and Fun in Virtual Team Bonding in Singapore with Epic Workshops
For the very first time in Singapore, we’re introducing fun and excitement in virtual team bonding activities.

Your team and you can easily connect with hundreds of fringe and crafting activities. Make any event memorable.

Online Workshops Singapore
There are so many ways to add fun and excitement into team building activities, no matter whether they are online or physical.

Epic Workshop is ever ready to arrange team bonding activities for several sizes groups.

Don’t Lead Your Team to Isolation… Introduce Online Team Bonding Activities and Workshops Now!

Whether you have entry level employees or C-level executives in your team, we have the key to make them all happy and excited.

Online team building in Singapore
With virtual workshops your team can…

✓ Understand other teammates goals

✓ Feel emotionally and professionally connected to the company

✓ Stick to the goals

✓ Achieve comfort level with all the teammates

✓ Create collaborative work environment

✓ Develop positive atmosphere

✓ Feel at office

✓ Build relationships with employees that have been hired during pandemic situations

✓ Connect with every members at the same energy without the fear of their authority

✓ Understand their purpose and repurpose their goals if not aligned with company’s growth

FAQs About Virtual Workshops in Singapore
How to find virtual workshops in Singapore?

Finding virtual workshops for online team building is quite easy. Just type your query in any search engine along with your respective region to get optimized results.

What are the benefits of virtual team building workshops in Singapore?

When team members connect with each other on a professional and emotional level, virtual team bonding workshops are formed.

As you might expect, remote working can make your teammates distant from one another.

They can get distracted and even bored of their uniform routine — online team bonding workshops is your last resort!

Not only it elevates the spirits in your team and arises the motivation level, but it also pushes your team members to achieve connectivity and comprehension.

How to build audience interest in online team bonding workshops in Singapore?

Remote work means physical disconnection.

When teammates don’t see eachother at morning coffee breaks, lunch hours, or smoke breaks — they can quickly start disassociating with the rest of the members.

This disassociation can quickly turn into emotional disaster, but you can introduce online team building workshops with the help of Epic Workshops.

And when your employees feel isolated, they won’t be comfortable working alongside their fellow team members!

Here are some ways to add excitement and enthusiasm in virtual meetings, seminars, and workshops:

Create a comfortable environment
Plan easy to comprehend activities
Build curiosity and keep positive attitude
Focus on every member of the team
Make sure the internet connection is stable
Initiate an environment that distance working employees can trust upon
What are the best ways to execute online team building workshops in Singapore?

Executing a successful team bonding activity is not rocket science.

All you need to do is to understand the employee and team members to the point where you can tell who works in what energy.

You also need to understand every employee’s goals and JDs to get into details. Include everyone in the team.

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Join us at our leather making workshop and get a chance to craft your own leather products through unique leather craft workshop experiences! We look forward to seeing you there! Click here for our contact information.

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