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How to Create a Natural Terrarium at Home

How to Create a Natural Terrarium at Home

If you’re worried about not having enough money or time to spend on a pet, then terrariums are probably the perfect pet for you. A terrarium is basically just a small glass jar that houses low-light plants and different types of dirt and gravel. The only other necessary supplies you’ll need for a terrarium are a container, water, potting soil, pebbles, rocks, and air plants such as mosses or bromeliads. All these materials can be found in your average hardware store or the terrarium workshop that you have been to.

You might feel like putting together your own terrarium sounds like a lot more work than it’s worth but don’t worry – this DIY project is actually surprisingly easy and will require very little effort on your part. And once it is finished, you will be the proud owner of one beautiful all-natural terrarium that can decorate your room for years to come!

Step One: Start with a Container

The first step in creating an all-natural terrarium is choosing a container. This should be a transparent glass jar or bottle with a wide mouth. The jar should be clear so that you can see the plants and accessories inside of it, but a bottle with an opening as narrow as possible is also ideal because a wider mouth will let in too much light and cause the plant life to dry out quickly.

Make sure that your container is free from any cracks or chips. Also, check to make sure that it is completely clean since even a little dirt or dust could cause the plants to get sick. Wash the jar or bottle with warm water and dish soap before you start working on your terrarium if you need to.

Step Two: Choose Your Plants and Accessories

Next up in creating an all-natural terrarium is choosing the plants and accessories you want to have in your terrarium. There are many different kinds of both, so it’s important to take some time and think about what you like best before just grabbing anything that catches your eye.

For instance, think about whether or not you want any cacti or succulents since these plants have very specific cultural needs. Succulents, for example, cannot tolerate any direct sunlight or they will die; likewise, cacti require very little light at all and grow much better when the temperature is kept between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. As you must have experimented in your terrarium workshop. Considering these things before you have a plant that doesn’t survive will just frustrate you and make your terrarium look bad.

When it comes to choosing air plants, mosses, or bromeliads, you do not need to worry as much about cultural needs since most of these plants will be just fine no matter what environment you put them in. You can choose any of them if they catch your eye and fit into the theme you want your terrarium to have.

Step Three: Select Your Accessories

The final step in creating an all-natural terrarium is picking out the accessories that will bring your design together and make it look nice. The best accessories for this project are very small pebbles, mosses, cacti or succulents, and small rocks. Fill the container with any of these things to create a base that your plants can grow in. Be sure to have rough textures for succulents and smooth ones for mosses.

Once you have chosen all your accessories, fill up the remaining space in the jar with potting soil until it is two-thirds of the way full. Water it and make sure that no air pockets are left after doing so.

Step Four: Plant Your Terrarium

Now it’s time to put your terrarium together! Place the plants on top of the soil and arrange them as you see fit; however, be careful not to place them too close together or they will never grow. Cover your plants with a thin layer of soil, and then sprinkle some pebbles over the top to hide them from view.

And that’s all there is to creating an all-natural terrarium! Whether you’re looking for a gift or something interesting to decorate your own home with, they’re a great choice for anyone interested in plants.

Final thoughts

Maybe you feel like your day is dragging on, or maybe that you need to power through. The best part about a terrarium and terrarium workshop is that there are so many variations and styles to choose from. Pick the perfect one for you and get creative!

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