Embroidery Workshop

Embroidery is an art of using a needle and thread or yarn to decorate a piece of fabric. Here at epic workshops, we offer two types of fabric for you to embroider on: Cup Holders and Small pouches. During the course of this workshop, you will learn how to embroider simple and pretty designs to add colour to a dull and ordinary piece of fabric. With these skill sets obtained from the workshop, you can go on to hone this art of embroidery as all it needs is a pair of hands, thread and needle!

Embroidery is an art of using a needle and thread or yarn to decorate a piece of fabric. It can range from embroidering a piece of cloth, a t-shirt, a bag or even a cup holder. This craft of decorating fabric can incorporate other creative elements like beads, quills or sequins. Embroidery is a very versatile and enjoyable craft that has been around for a long time. Just with a needle and thread, one is able to produce a beautiful and unique design. At epic workshops, embroidery is done with our very own fingers, without the use of any equipment. One of the more popular types of fabric embroidered on here at epic workshops is none other than Cup Holders! Not only will you have a beautiful embroidered craft, but also a useful item to carry around.

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Embroidery Workshop Details

Group Size

Minimum of 2 people to start the workshop! Grab your friend to join you!


Our embroidery workshop can take about 1-2 hours.

Materials Provided

  • Cup holder (or any other piece of fabric) 
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Needle 
  • Thread 
  • Scissors
  • Pencil 
  • Eraser

Convenient Location

Take Exit B from Marymount MRT and walk towards MAPEX building. Proceed to the third floor via the lift and exit through 2 doors on the right to the carpark. We are located right at the end!

Professional Trainers

Our workshop will have a main trainer with a few facilitators. The number of facilitators will depend on the number of participants within a workshop setting. Each trainer or facilitator will be assigned to a few participants during the workshop to ensure that full guidance and assistance is provided.

Ideal For

Suitable for people of all ages. Children below the age of 10 are advised to come with a guardian for supervision.

| Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2023

Why Choose Us?

  • Well-known name in Singapore and loved by 1200+ organisations
  • Worked with more than 860,000 participants
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Benefits of Embroidery Workshop

Therapeutic and Calming
Did you know that during WORLD WAR I, soldiers did embroidery to aid their recuperation? This historical art form proves itself worthy of providing serenity and remedial properties to humankind, as its origins date way back. As you pull through the thread with a needle into the fabric, it is satisfying to witness your work get together little by little. These small progresses will make your heart burst into joy as who thought we could create something so adorable from just a piece of thread and needle?
A New Hobby for You
With just a thread and needle, embroidery is not an expensive hobby to have. Imagine yourself laying back on your couch with hot tea on a weekend, with a thread and needle in your hand embroidering a piece of fabric. Isn’t that the perfect rest day one could wish for? Embroidery also does not have a fixed time limit, you can start and stop whenever you wish to. Given our busy schedules, those little 5-10 minute gaps can be used to embroider.
Hone Fine Motor Skills
Embroidery is a craft that can teach eye-hand coordination, concentration and fine motor skills. All these properties are important to ensure that your work of embroidery remains neat. Much research done has found that there is an effect of embroidery therapy on fine motor skills for children with intellectual disabilities, which proves that embroidery does help us hone our fine motor skills. The dexterity of our hands can definitely be improved if we were to embroider often.
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Trusted by 1200+ Companies

From SMEs to MNCs and Government Agencies trust EPIC. We’ve engaged more than 860,000+ participants! Choose from our wide variety of 15 indoor team building activities.

| Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2023

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Embroidery Workshop caters for


With just a needle and thread, one can easily create a cute and unique design with no limitations to their desire.


Not only can everyone have fun embroidering similar kinds of patterns, it is also calming to relax and meditative to embroider together as one!


Embroidery serves to create a healing environment for everyone to process their feelings and create a tangible reminder of the memories made.


Embroidery is not an expensive hobby to have, neither does it have a fixed time limit as one can start and stop whenever you wish to. Given our busy schedules, it is the perfect fit for someone who is looking for a beautiful yet efficient hobby.

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