DIY Kits Singapore
DIY Kits Singapore-15 Great Kits That Let You Craft At Home

DIY Kits Singapore-15 Great Kits That Let You Craft At Home

You’ve probably seen those DIY kits in Singapore at your local toy store. They come with everything you need to turn a blank canvas into an amazing work of art! But if you want to buy one, they can be really expensive. Luckily for us (and our wallets), we don’t have to go out and buy them — we can make them ourselves! Here are some easy DIY kits that will let us create beautiful things without spending too much money:

1)  “Glow in the Dark” Kit:

These DIY kits in Singapore come with everything you need (except scissors and glue) to make cool-looking necklaces. You just put together the different pieces, use the included paint pen to draw whatever design you want, and then use a wet paper towel to remove the paint from the outside of the pieces. Once you let it dry, your bracelet or necklace will glow in the dark!

2)  “Bead Animals” Kit:

Anything 3D printed is cool these days, and these cute designs are no exception. You can make cute animals like fish and pandas by stringing the beads with a needle and thread.

3)  “Bag of Ice” Kit:

If you’re imagining some weird science experiment, this one actually has practical applications! You can fill it with water and stick it in your freezer. Once your ice bag is solid, put it in a sock and start hitting your friends.

4)  “Light-Up Paint” Kit:

This kit comes with a special water-resistant gel that’s activated by an LED light. Once you get it on your body, anything it touches will glow in the dark! It also dries quickly and washes off easily, so no worries about having to buy expensive clothes.

5)  “Flamingo” Kit:

Want to look like a flamingo? This kit will surely fulfill your requirements. It comes with fake, shimmery pink feathers that you can attach to your arms and legs with some clear tape or elastic bands.

6)  “Plushies” Kit:

If you like plush toys, this will be your new favorite thing. You can make all sorts of cute little stuffed animals with different patterns and materials. Who knows, you might even take the sewing skills you learned to create your plushies and turn them into something more serious!

7)  “Miniature Piano” Kit:

If making music is one of your hobbies, these DIY kits in Singapore are perfect for you. You can make a tiny working piano using paper or plastic cups and some paint or markers.

8)  “Lighted String” Kit:

This string is special because you can light up any design you draw with it! It’s safe to bend and won’t catch on fire, so it’s a great idea for parties.

9)  “Flower Petals” Kit:

This kit comes with a bunch of felt petals in different styles and colors. You can use them to dress up anything you want, from your shoes to your hair.

10)  “Solar-Powered Candles” Kit:

These candles came come in all shapes and sizes! You can make them in the traditional pillar candle shape, or make little ones that you can put on your windowsill. You’ll love using these instead of buying expensive candles every time you have company over! I bet they’ll even smell better!

11)  “LED Hacky Sack” Kit:

If you like playing hacky sack (or if you want to see your friends make a fool of themselves), this is the kit for you. Just take it outside and watch as they light up in different colors!

12)  “Acrylic Paint” Kit:

Acrylic paint has been used for many years by artists, so why not give it a try? This kit comes with six colors of paint and a brush.

13)  “LED Hula Hoop” Kit:

You can make your own hula hoop that lights up! This kit comes with everything you need, including a belt to make sure it stays on tight. Once you’re done making it, there’s plenty of room to decorate it!

14)  “Zipper Bracelet” Kit:

This bracelet is a little different from the rest in that you have to actually buy a zipper and attach it yourself. Once you put the two pieces together (zipper on top, wristband on bottom), they’ll never come apart!

15)  “Pixelated Glasses” Kit:

Here’s another pair of 3D-printed glasses, but this time you can design them yourself! This kit comes with the geometry file so all you have to do is put it in your printer. You can upload whatever picture or image you want and create something that will be one of a kind.

Final thoughts

Crafting is often seen as a hobby that only children enjoy. However, there are many adults who find this enjoyable and relaxing too! With the right crafting supplies, you can make anything from jewelry to clothes for your pets. These kits provide everything you need to get started on your next project at home or in the office with ease. What DIY kits in Singapore have you tried lately?

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