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| Epic Workshops, Singapore | June, 2024


A 1.5 hour workshop where participants will get to create their 2-in-1 Scented Candle using a variety of materials.

| Epic Workshops, Singapore | June, 2024


A 1-1.5hour workshop where participants will get to create their own clay art figurine of choice.


Chinese New Year Workshop: why it's important and what makes it special?

Chinese New Year is a significant event in Chinese culture. It acts as a time for a family reunion, a celebration of the new year, and to worship gods. The festival has roots that go back morehan 2500 years ago when it was first celebrated by the ancient Chinese ove tr three millennia ago. The celebrations are rich with traditions which have included giving red paper money, hanging scrolls on doors, lighting fireworks and lanterns at night,  making dumplings or rice balls called “jiaozi”, and wearing new clothes during this festive time. Chinese New Year is an important part of life in China because it’s not just about celebrating one day – but also about being surrounded by its customs throughout the whole season. Celebrating the New Year is a way for everyone to come together. One of the many ways to experience Chinese traditions is through attending a Chinese New Year Workshop In Singapore. The workshop typically lasts around four hours, and there are six or seven workshops available to choose from each year.  For the duration of the workshop, participants are able to experience Chinese traditions. The workshops teach you about Chinese New Year, it’s meaning behind it, and an understanding of China’s history. Each workshop varies in content depending on organizers, but there are some that are more popular than others. For example, the art workshop typically explains how the Chinese New Year is celebrated in China through the preparation of red envelopes, and of course, the creation of art pieces using paper money. The candle-making session explains how candles are used to brighten up homes during this festive time. Clay arts sessions include digging into clay and creating a treasure boat and dragon boat races, and so much more. Participants get to experience the Chinese New Year how it is celebrated in China by making their own clay boats and learning about clay art.

These workshops are an excellent chance to learn about Chinese traditions and how you can celebrate them yourself. For example, did you know that red envelopes or “hongbao” are red pieces of paper with money in it that is given to family members or friends during the New Year? It represents good luck and happiness, especially for children. The red envelope itself can be created at various workshops, making this a fun activity to bring the group together. What’s more, even though Chinese tradition might be new to you, these workshops provide insight into how you can celebrate with your own family. Maybe instead of red paper money, an alternative would be to use gold confetti in a greeting card which could be given out to friends and family during the new year. These Chinese New Year Workshops are not only about experiencing Chinese traditions, but also about gaining a more in-depth knowledge of China’s history.

Why it’s one of the Best Workshop

If you’re still not sure whether attending a workshop is right for you, keep reading to find out more about what Chinese New Year workshops in Singapore are like and how they’re important. The meaning behind the New Year is that it’s a time where family members get together and celebrate with fireworks, food, and gifts. Despite the cultural differences between countries, people across the globe in many different countries will celebrate in some shape or form with the same general idea in mind:  In this article, we’ll be going through a few of the most popular kinds of workshops celebrated during Chinese New Year. We’ll take a look at what they’ve been doing historically and how it’s relevant to them today.

There are quite a few activities that go on throughout the New Year period in China. There will be firework shows, lantern shows, and lion dances to name a few. When writing an article about Chinese New Year, it’s important to remember the main idea behind the celebrations: being with your family and making merry. It’s not just all about modern activities though. In fact, there are many traditional activities that also take place during the New Year period. When writing about Chinese New Year, it’s important to include some of these traditional activities. Some popular ones include: Many families will also enjoy their own family meal together as a way of spicing up the celebrations and spending time with those closest to them. This is why many people feel such an attraction towards celebrating this time of year as it offers them a great way to spend time with loved ones and show them how important they are in their lives.

Revive a moment from the past with Chinese New Year

People should promote and attend workshops and gatherings to gain a more in-depth knowledge of Chinese traditions, its cultural significance, and what it means for the people. During the week-long celebration of Chinese New Year, there are many different ways to celebrate and each celebration has its own traditional meaning which varies from one region to another. One such activity is the “New Year Workshop” which is held in different regions all over China. Every region has its own way of celebrating the New Year, each with its own customs and traditions. The Chinese are known for being very welcoming towards guests during festivities or special occasions, especially during the New Year celebrations. 

There are art workshops where people make paintings, sculptures, and other various artsy crafts. There are also candle-making workshops where people get to learn about different types of candles, the history behind them, and how they are made. However, the Chinese New Year art workshop in Singapore has a special touch of learning about Asian culture. These select workshops teach people more about Chinese New Year, what it means for them, and some unique aspects of the culture. One workshop is a “Chinese Paper-cutting Workshop,” which helps participants learn about paper-cutting. In this activity, participants get to design their own patterns with paper that they cut out themselves. Participants are taught how to cut out symmetrical patterns and get a chance to use what they have learned in real life. They get to put their own personal touch on their design so that they can take home something beautiful and meaningful, which symbolizes the beauty of the New Year. Also, there are other workshops such as a “Chinese Tea Ceremony,” where participants learn about the Chinese Tea Culture and the history behind it. They get to learn how to properly drink tea, chat with people around them about tea culture, and understand what makes drinking tea such an important part of Chinese society. There are many different activities like these workshops where people get to spend time learning about China’s cultural heritage. These activities not only attract Asian tourists but also create new opportunities for people to learn about Chinese culture. Clay art gives you an opportunity to create beautiful pieces of pottery or sculptures out of clay that can be used for decoration or given away as gifts at the end of the workshop. The Chinese zodiac is a symbolic representation of the twelve animals that represent the years. In this workshop, you get to make a mosaic in the shape of an animal from the zodiac and learn about its characteristics!

The Best aspect of Chinese New Year is camaraderie.

Team building is a big part of the Chinese New Year workshop in Singapore. The workshops themselves are fun activities that introduce westerners to Chinese culture, history, and traditions. Plus they’re educational! Everyone is given an explanation for the symbolism behind each of the items presented during the festival. The dates change yearly, but most festivals occur in April or May. As a hands-on experience, these workshops are more interesting than just reading about the traditions. Even though this is a traditional holiday that hasn’t changed much over the years, there are still some new activities and items introduced every year to keep things fresh. This way everyone can expect something surprising and never get bored! No one is ever too old to learn something new, and the workshops are no exception. As a refresher or an introduction, everyone can benefit from this hands-on experience that not only makes learning fun but also memorable. Teamwork is a large part of the Chinese New Year experience. There is a lot going on with this long holiday, and having everyone work together as a group helps to keep things organized so that nothing gets missed. Sharing responsibilities means it’s more likely for people to take care of their own tasks and not depend on others to do everything for them. Plus, working together means that everyone gets to know each other better and have fun while they’re doing it! A lot of the things that are learned by participating in this workshop are about Chinese history and symbolism. It takes some time for all of this information to be properly explained during the workshops, but when people go home they will still be able to learn more and research on their own. For some people it can be hard to absorb all of this information right away, so having new things introduced every year is helpful because it provides a foundation for everything else.

The festival changes each year, but something always remains the same: family time! Regardless of what is added or removed, the true purpose of this holiday is to spend time with your loved ones. This can be a good thing to remember for people who find themselves caught up in the busy everyday schedule and forget to slow down and appreciate what they have. It may be a tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation, but it will never get old! The Chinese New Year workshops are also a way for non-Chinese to get more familiar with the language. A lot of people use common phrases or words that you’ll find in traditional New Year celebrations, creating an environment where learning Chinese is both fun and relevant. People learn new terms when they see them printed on flashcards before the workshop starts. For example, the word for “greeting” is shown before the dragon dance, and what it means. This way, participants are learning vocab as they’re watching one of the main activities during Chinese New Year. Each activity takes about an hour or two to complete, depending on how fast you work. The clay art workshop is by far the longest, about four hours. It offers participants the most detailed presentation of ritual objects, but also requires more time to create than other worksites. The art that participants create is up to them. Some choose small items like ornaments while others might decide on a whole dragon! There are smaller workshops within the larger festival that occur simultaneously throughout the day. But larger events are scheduled for specific weekends, depending on the location. London usually hosts two big events, one during January and another in March or April. This is because China’s New Year falls near different times of the year depending on which lunar calendar you’re using. People who regularly attend workshops find they’re not only helpful but also enjoyable! Participants develop a better understanding of Chinese culture and history, while also fulfilling their interest in art. Plus they’ve made friends with other people who are just as passionate about learning about China. These workshops are an ideal way to welcome the New Year, learn something new, have fun, and meet others along the way!


Chinese New Year is a great time to celebrate Chinese culture and traditions. Not only does it represent the year of the rooster, but also has deep roots in Buddhist beliefs as well as ancient legends. The Chinese New year workshop we offer in Singapore will give you an inside look into some of these cultural values that Chinese culture possesses. Whether you want to learn about how dragon boat festivals are celebrated or discover what makes Chinese art so unique, our workshop offerings cover all the bases. Plus, once festival day rolls around, not only can you share your new knowledge with family members and friends – but now they’ll be able to appreciate your newfound appreciation for their culture too! Good Luck!

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