Bubble Soccer Singapore
Bubble Soccer in Singapore: Never Played It Before?

Bubble Soccer in Singapore: Never Played It Before?

Bubble Soccer is a new sport that has taken Singapore by storm. It’s a game of football, but with the variation of players being encased in giant inflatable bubbles! This makes it possible for them to crash into each other without any fear of getting injured.  The game is growing fast in popularity and now it’s time for you to try it out!

Bubble football, or Bubble Soccer Singapore as it is sometimes known, has recently emerged on the scene with players enclosed by an inflated torus. The rules are simple and similar to that in which we all know how to play: one team versus another; try not let your opponent score into their goal for points to accumulate until there’s only 1 left! This game can be played in teams and it’s typically done indoors or outdoors on fields that have enough space for the players’ bubbles to move around freely without getting stuck against anything else; otherwise, they’ll pop!

Helmet Matters!

Wearing a helmet is important, so always wear your headgear at all times. You never know when someone will take charge of the ball and run towards you with their arms stretched forward. This could result in the ball hitting you on your noggin! The helmets may look funny but they can prevent serious injuries!


Bubble Suits should be worn properly by each player to ensure that they fit tightly onto their bodies – this way they cannot slip off unintentionally during the game. Keeping them tightly secured also prevents any unnecessary strain on the material which might lead to rips and tears.

Avoid Sharp Edges

Avoid playing Bubble Soccer Singapore near any sharp objects or surfaces as players can easily trip and fall onto these objects, injuring themselves in the process. If there are any such obstacles around, make sure to mark them off-limits during the game.


In order to avoid any head-on collisions, try to keep a safe distance between you and other players – at least two meters should do the trick. This will give you enough time to react if someone suddenly comes charging towards you!

No Knocking

Play fairly and don’t take advantage of your bubble suit by deliberately knocking into other players more than necessary. Not only is this unsportsmanlike but it can also lead to injuries. Remember, accidents can happen easily in Bubble Soccer Singapore and we don’t want anyone getting hurt!

Protect Your Head

If you do happen to fall down, make sure to protect your head by tucking it in and rolling it onto your side. This will help absorb the impact and minimize any potential injuries.

Know The Basics

When passing the ball, try to use a gentle touch instead of throwing it or kicking it with all your might. You never know where the other players are and inadvertently hitting someone in the face with the ball could cause some serious damage.

Eye on Ceiling

If you’re playing in an indoor arena, always keep an eye on the ceiling as players can easily bounce off walls and ceilings if they collide with them. This could lead to some nasty falls so be careful!

Avoid Slippery Areas

If you’re playing outdoors, be wary of any slippery surfaces as players can easily lose their balance on wet ground. Make sure to keep a lookout for puddles and take caution when playing near them.

Waters Is A Must!

Finally, always drink plenty of water before and during the game to prevent dehydration. Bubble Soccer Singapore can be a very intense sport and you don’t want to be suffering from heatstroke in the middle of a match!

So there you have it – ten ways to play safely while enjoying a game of Bubble Soccer in Singapore! Remember to always wear your safety gear and stay alert so that everyone can have a good time without any injuries. Have fun out there!

Bubble soccer is a sport that has been getting more popular in recent years. It’s an awesome way to have fun with your friends, meet new people and get some exercise! The rules are simple, but make sure you follow them closely if you want to avoid injury. 

Closing: You don’t have to be a pro at Bubble Soccer Singapore to know that head protection is important. But, there are also other things you should keep in mind when playing this game for the first time. Read on below to learn some of these basics so you can play safe and sound! With these few tips under your belt, now’s the perfect time to try something new!

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