Archery Tag in Singapore
7 Reasons Why You Should Try an Archery Tag in Singapore

7 Reasons Why You Should Try an Archery Tag in Singapore

A new sport is taking the world by storm. It’s called Archery Tag and it’s a ton of fun for those who enjoy archery as well as those that don’t. You’ll need a certain level of fitness, skill, and bravado to participate in this archery tag Singapore game, but once you’re in the zone, it’s an amazing experience.

The sport was created by two men who both loved archery and wanted to share their passion with others. They had previously tried to introduce other people into playing archery but they found that most people didn’t have the patience or interest for what seemed like a difficult hobby at first glance. So they came up with an idea to make shooting arrows more exciting without needing too much skill. In Archery Tag Singapore players shoot foam-tipped arrows from a distance of 20-30 feet at their opponent.

You’ll need a certain level of fitness, skill, and bravado to participate in this game, but once you’re in the zone, it’s a ton of fun!

Here are the three reasons why you should try an archery tag game:

1 – Unlimited Ammo

As its name suggests a person with the most tags wins so if you have skills or want some serious target practice then you are all set.

2 – Super light equipment

It is played using bows and arrows with foam tips so there isn’t much physical exertion involved. This means you can play the game for hours on end without tiring yourself out, giving it an edge over its more traditional variant.

3 – It’s a great workout

Although Archery Tag is played using light equipment, you are still required to run pretty quickly. You will find that your endurance levels have improved no end which means you’re now more capable of undertaking other training routines with ease.

4 – It is easy to learn

Unlike most sports where there are rules and regulations, Archery Tag in Singapore is remarkably simple and straightforward to play. You only need a bow and arrows, which you can borrow from the venue for free, as well as a target that is placed at a range of between 7-10 meters from where you’re standing.

5 – The social aspect

Archery Tag has been described as one of the friendliest sports in existence because you can easily find players online and offline who are willing to form teams. This means you’ll be able to hone your skills while participating in a range of games that were developed specifically for the sport.

6 – A sense of achievement:

For those who like that feeling that they’ve done something physically demanding and strenuous then look no further because one round is equivalent to at least five minutes on an elliptical; making it more effective than playing any other sport.

7 – Group bonding:

There is nothing like shooting your friends with arrows to bring you closer. You will laugh (out of embarrassment or terror), scream (if you’re not quite good enough), and feel extremely exhausted after each game; all of which are great for team building.

Interesting facts about Archery Tag that you may not know about

Archery Tag is not like regular archery you might be familiar with what’s usually practiced in parks. That’s because it is a specially designed game that combines the thrill of paintball and the precision, skill, and discipline of traditional target archery

One of the things that make it such a fun sport is wearing body armor.

The people who come to play are encouraged to wear protective gear at all times. They also need to wear elbow and knee pads

It’s best to wear gloves and closed-toe shoes when practicing archery tag. Various other things could also be helpful. Items such as a mouthguard, an athletic cup, and a nose guard can help reduce the physical impact of each arrow. Archery Tag in Singapore is great for individuals as well as teams.

It’s important to remember that this type of archery involves speed and accuracy because you have to hit your opponents before they get their chance to shoot you down.

Bottom line

Archery Tag is a new and exciting sport that’s gaining popularity in Singapore. There are many reasons to try this activity, such as the unlimited ammo, super light equipment, social aspect of it, easy to learn how-to for beginners, and sense of achievement when you win! If you’re looking for something different but still want to have fun with friends or family then we recommend giving outdoor sports like archery tag a go.

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