Bubble Soccer in Singapore
4 Places to Play Bubble Soccer in Singapore

4 Places to Play Bubble Soccer in Singapore

You may have heard of bubble soccer in Singapore, but you’re not too sure what it is. It is a game that has taken the world by storm in recent years. It’s an extremely physical sport that can be played in any space with enough room to run, jump and dive. Basically, it’s like soccer with bubbles! The rules are simple: get into a bubble suit then go out and have fun.

So why should you try this crazy game? Well, for one thing, there are few things more fun than running around your local park while inside a giant inflatable ball laughing hysterically at your friends who can’t help but fall over themselves trying to keep up with you! Plus there are lots of health benefits from playing with bubbles. As a low-impact sport, it’s great for slimming down and toning up – but that doesn’t mean you have to be fit to play bubble soccer in Singapore. It is a great way not only to have fun with family and friends but also as an excellent form of exercise that can help boost your stamina and make you healthier.

Why the popularity of this quirky sport is increasing

Bubble soccer is gaining popularity because it’s a game that can be played on any terrain. This means that people who are not fortunate enough to have the space for a regular soccer field can still play this game. Also, it’s an excellent way for people to stay active while having fun.

It is a great way to learn new skills and it’s a fantastic team-building activity.

If you have never played bubble soccer before, do not worry. You can go online and look for companies that offer bubble soccer hire services in Singapore. All you have to do is choose a company with a reputable reputation. They will send someone out to your location to set up the field and provide assistance as needed.

What are some of the best places in Singapore to play bubble soccer?

Here are four places that you can visit:

1. iFly Singapore

The first place to visit is iFly Singapore. This is an indoor skydiving facility located within a shopping mall. It’s perfect because the participants can run, jump and dive while still inside their bubbles. You will also find an obstacle course here that your friends can use to practice running through hoops or sliding down slides in their bubbles.

2. Sentosa

The second place to visit is Sentosa. This island resort is a well-known tourist destination that offers a variety of activities. One of these is bubble soccer, which you can play either indoors or outdoors depending on your preference.

Facilities include a wide range of play equipment for children and adults alike. You will never get bored here because there are always new adventures awaiting you throughout the day! There is also a resort hotel here for people who want to spend the night.

3. Kent Ridge Park

The fourth place to visit is Kent Ridge Park. This park is situated on top of a hill so it provides an excellent view of the surrounding area. It’s also an excellent place to play bubble soccer because it has a huge field. You will never get tired of running after the ball here; it’s like playing on a giant trampoline!

The park is maintained by volunteers so you can visit any day of the week, including public holidays. There are many restaurants and shops nearby if you get hungry or thirsty. There are also toilet facilities here, which is a huge bonus for those who appreciate the convenience!

4. Sentosa Golf Club

The fifth place to visit is the Sentosa Golf Club. This golf course has been ranked as one of the top courses in the world, so it’s a fantastic place to play bubble soccer. There are a variety of activities here including a spa, bowling alley, casino, and paintballing.

Facilities include restaurants, massage parlors, and several themed bars where you can relax after playing bubble soccer or any other activity that takes your fancy. The Sentosa Golf Club is an excellent place for children, teenagers, and adults alike.

Final thoughts

Bubble soccer is a new, exciting way to play the game of soccer. It’s also an excellent team-building exercise for corporations in Singapore looking to boost morale or build camaraderie among their employees. If you’re considering playing bubble soccer in Singapore but don’t know where to go, this blog post has 4 recommendations that are perfect spots for your next team outing.

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