Resin Workshops in Singapore
15 Tips for Resin Workshops in Singapore That Will Make You a Better Maker

15 Tips for Resin Workshops in Singapore That Will Make You a Better Maker

It’s clear that the best way to get creative is to do something you love.  And what better way than by getting into resin Workshops in Singapore? Resin workshops are a great way for everyone- from people who enjoy arts and crafts to those who like trying new things, or even just anyone who needs an outlet for their creativity-to gets in on the fun. It’s also a great place to meet new friends with similar interests! 

Here are the tips for resin workshops in Singapore that includes: always use gloves when working with resin; never pour liquid resin onto your artwork because it will ruin it; avoid touching wet surfaces while handling your finished pieces so they don’t stick together; and finally, always remember that patience is key when working with this material. With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to becoming a resin pro in no time!

Tip 1: Quality Tools

The quality of your tools will have a huge effect on the finished product. Invest in the best tools you can afford to get maximum enjoyment from your work.

Tip 2: Creating a Plan for Your Project

It’s tempting to jump right in and start making something without any thought, but if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself with a mess at the end. Create a plan for your project before you start.

Tip 3: Experimenting With Different Techniques

The great thing about resin is that there are so many different techniques to experiment with! Try everything from air-drying clay to plaster molding to create an endless supply of wonderful sculptures and art pieces.

Tip 4: Protecting Your Work

Creating a great piece is hard, so you don’t want to ruin it by leaving it out in the elements. Make sure you protect your work before beginning the drying process!

Tip 5: Regular Cleaning With Alcohol

Lightly dust your finished product with alcohol before moving on to the next step – this will help get rid of any fingerprints and smudges that could affect how well your sealant works.

Tip 6: Not Getting Your Hands Dirty!

It might be tempting to touch everything up close, but resist the urge – resin can cause severe chemical burns if it gets stuck under your fingernails. Keep your hands clean while working so nothing happens!

Tip 7: Using Vaseline Around Your Fingers

Keeping a jar of Vaseline next to you is a great way to make sure your hands don’t get too dirty when handling resin. It also helps keep the resinous gunk from getting stuck under your nails.

Tip 8: The Temperature Matters!

Resin works much better at room temperature than it does when cold, so if it’s really cold in your workspace, consider giving it some time to warm up before you start working with it.

Tip 9: The Three-Layer Rule for Resin Mixing

It can be tempting to pour in all the resin and hardener at once, but resist the urge – this will cause bubbles and other problems in your finished product! in one third of each layer before combining them.

Tip 10: Give Your Project the Time It Needs!

Resin takes time to dry, no matter what you’re making. Resin Workshops in Singapore take a lot of time so make sure you give yourself enough time if you want your finished product to come out nice and neat (rather than bubbly or misshapen).

Tip 11: Making It Beautiful With Pigments & Glitters

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques for adding color and sparkle! Resin can take pigments well, so feel free to get creative when it comes to customizing your work.

Tip 12: Protecting Resin With Clear Coats You created a beautiful piece of resin art

Now make it last by adding clear coats over top! This will provide protection against water and fingerprints, making sure your work lasts a long time.

Tip 13: The Power of a Fan in Helping Resin Dry

Using a fan in your workspace can make all the difference in how quickly you’re able to get your project finished! Follow the steps above for great results when it comes to sealing resin.

Tip 14: Avoid Cracks & Chips by Wrapping It Up

It’s frustrating to find that one spot on your paint that has chipped off keeps this from happening by covering up your work with tubes or tape before putting it in a safe place. This will help avoid any accidents before you’ve even started drying!

Tip 15: Enjoy Your Unique Creation! You did it

You created a beautiful piece of resin art. Now it’s time to share it with the world! Make sure you take your finished product out for some fun, unique photoshoots to show it off before selling or keeping it for yourself.


There are many steps to take when working with resin when you get into resin Workshops in Singapore. It is an art form that requires time, dedication, and quality tools. If you follow some of these tips for better-looking craft projects, your work will be more successful than ever before! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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