Candle making in Singapore
10 Ways to Use Candles in Your Everyday Life

10 Ways to Use Candles in Your Everyday Life

How many times have you been in a store and seen candles that are not your favorite color, smell, or size? These days Candle making in Singapore is easier than ever. With a little creativity and some basic supplies, you’ll be well on your way to the perfect candle for any occasion.

In Singapore, there is an easy-to-find variety of DIY candles from wick to wax. From scents to colors, this article will show you 10 ways that you can use candles in everyday life.

So get out of the store and into the kitchen with these creative ideas for making DIY candles!

1.  Melt it down

Let’s start by heating up some wax! This project is the perfect way to use up some that you have laying around, but if you are looking to buy something new, there are great craft stores that sell these items individually or as a set. With this set of supplies, all you need are some empty jars, a microwave, and your wax.

2.  DIY scents

There are so many different types of wax that you can melt down for candle making in Singapore, but one of the most popular choices is beeswax! Not only does it have a delicious sweet smell, but it’s also reusable for up to three months if left in an airtight jar. Another great choice is soy wax. It’s made from soybeans and it smells like real vanilla, cocoa butter, and almond extracts with a hint of green tea.

3.  DIY color

Now we get to the fun part: scents and colors! You can create so many different candles by simply adding in some dye or food coloring with your wax. There are also many different scented oils to choose from if you’d rather make them smell like flowers or oceans.

4.  DIY wicks

For this project, let’s start by making a homemade wick! Here is what you’ll need: Beeswax (or any other wax of your choice), a ruler, scissors, a cork, and some wire. Once you have everything together, cut the wire to size and wrap it twice around the middle of your ruler.

5.  DIY holders

There are tons of different ways to use candles in your everyday life besides lighting them up for a romantic dinner with your significant other! One of the most popular is to use them as a holder for your small trinkets. There are so many cute things that you can do with just a candle and a spoon. You can add in rocks or marbles to fill up the jar, then pour enough wax inside to cover it all up.

6.  DIY decor

Candles are an easy way to spruce up any room! There are so many crafts that can be used around the house, so get creative and let your imagination run free. Here is another idea for Candle making in Singapore: turn two wine glasses into candleholders by filling them with water and adding some floating candles inside of each one.

7.  DIY fragrance diffuser

Candles are a great way to re-use some old glass jars that have been laying around your house, just admit it! Here is another idea of how you can use them: as a decongestant! All you need to do is take two or three of your favorite candles, light them, then set them up at the “entrance” of your home near a window. Light candles are said to be an effective way to clear out unwanted odors.

8.  DIY mirror cleaner

Here is another great idea for re-using those old glass jars! All you need is rubbing alcohol, a few cotton balls, and some newspapers to wipe away any fingerprints.

9.  DIY fire deterrent

Here is another great use for candles! This one will make you feel like you’re living in an episode of “CSI,” but it’s still very useful: if you see your fireplace starting to spark or catch flame, simply light a candle and put it up next to your fire.

10.  DIY air purifier

If you’re looking for a way to clear away some of that smog in the city, try this trick: all you need is one or two candles and a bowl full of water! This idea isn’t too complicated. Just place your candles inside of the water and watch as the wax floats up and smothers all of those nasty particles floating in the air.


Create your own customized candles at home. Candle making in Singapore with these 10 ways to use them. Each of the ideas can be done by anyone and they all have unique benefits that will make for a useful addition to many parts of everyday life. From DIY scents, color, wicks, holders, decorating options to using it as an air purifier or fire deterrent – there are so many different things you could do with this craft! Let us know what your favorite way is to create homemade candles.

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