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10 Tips to Save Your Money on Leather Crafting Singapore Projects

10 Tips to Save Your Money on Leather Crafting Singapore Projects

Leather crafting is not only a hobby for some people, but it’s also a profession. The market for leatherwork has been growing and is anticipated to continue in the same fashion. Given information on how to save money on leather crafting Singapore projects, here are 10 tips that will help you get started.

1. Get crafty with scraps

Scraps of old clothes can be used if your project doesn’t require too many pieces of fabric or leather. Make sure they’re clean before cutting them up, though! With leather crafting in Singapore, You might want to try making some throw pillows out of old jeans or jackets-the possibilities are endless when it comes to recycling clothes into something new and creative.

2. Buy unfinished products

If you need more surface area for your craft projects, unfinished products can be bought at a cheaper price.

Unfinished leathers are cheaper because they might have small imperfections or holes in them that require more work to perfect. When buying unfinished leathers, compare prices between online shops and local suppliers before you purchase. 

3. Watch out for sales

Search for local suppliers online or go to different places where you can find good deals on leatherwork supplies. Watch out for sale events on big holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Black Friday. As with any form of craft supply shopping, don’t just buy because it’s cheap-make sure that it will fit your needs.

4. Don’t buy too much

Leatherwork is a passion of many, but it shouldn’t be something that you jump into. If you’re willing to commit some time and effort into learning this craft, then you’ll find it’s one of the most rewarding hobbies out there! But don’t go buying everything before you know what you need. Get started with a few tools and supplies, and then build your collection as you learn more about what you do and don’t need.

5. Make use of discounts if buying online

If you’re going to be making a purchase from an international leather product supplier, don’t forget to check for any discount codes before purchasing! Take advantage of companies that offer coupon codes for free shipping or a percentage of the total price.

6. Watch out for international shipping

International shipments will usually cost more than local deliveries, so plan accordingly. If you need the product quickly and the supplier offers expedited rates, it might be worth paying a bit extra to get your supplies as soon as possible. 

7. Try to negotiate

The guys at your local leather supplier might not appreciate your bargaining skills, but many suppliers online will be willing to work with you on prices. If the product is something that can be sold quickly and easily, then there’s no harm in asking for a lower price.

8. Go to hobby fairs and expos

Leatherwork supplies are often sold at local craft fairs and expos. These events are great for people who like to shop locally, as you can find all of your leather needs in one place! Keep an eye out for future events by checking the event websites of major suppliers or companies that sell leather products.

9. Look into wholesale purchases

If your business requires lots of leather products, then you should look into purchasing wholesale for leather crafting in Singapore. Companies that already sell leather craft supplies will often have great prices for their products which they’ll be more than willing to offer if you purchase in bulk.

10. Look into hiring people

If you need something handcrafted but can’t afford to pay for it, look into hiring someone locally to do the job. People who have mastered their craft will usually be more than happy to help others while earning a bit of extra money.

Tools you need to start your project

Start by making a list of the tools you need. The list will depend on what type of project you’re working on, so be sure to include relevant tools such as needles and thread. You’ll also need scissors for cutting leather or paper, and any other craft supplies specific to the project.

Before you shop for supplies, write down the dimensions of the piece that needs to be crafted. This way, you won’t make any costly mistakes by purchasing too much leather or not enough thread. Be sure to also note if specific tools are needed for your project.

For example, western-style leather belts usually have a buckle. If you’re going to purchase a buckle in addition to the belt, note that along with your list of supplies.

If you don’t have a sewing machine or a stitching awl, it’s well worth it to purchase one for leather crafting projects! A sewing machine will make the stitching go much faster, and your belt will be finished much sooner.

An awl is a tool used specifically to punch holes in leather. If you’re working with thick leather, it’s best to use an awl instead of a needle since the needle can break.

We hope that these 10 tips will help you save money and time on your next leather crafting Singapore project. If we can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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