Archery Tag in Singapore
10 Things You Didn’t Know about Archery Tag in Singapore

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Archery Tag in Singapore

Archery Tag is a game that’s perfect for people of all ages. It’s fun, safe, and easy to learn which is why it’s become so popular. The game has been played at schools around the country as the perfect way to get children out of their seats and active! You’ll be able to play with your friends or family, it’s great exercise and you don’t need any equipment besides arrows.

Archery Tag in Singapore is an innovative form of archery that takes inspiration from many different games like paintball, laser tag, dodgeball, etc. Players are provided with non-lethal bow-and-arrow sets where they can compete in teams on a variety of indoor courses set up using inflatable obstacles such as tunnels and bounce pads.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about archery Tag in Singapore!

1. It is a game that’s been around for less than a decade! 

It all started when a small group of friends had an idea to create a safe alternative to paintball which they eventually called ‘Archery Tag’. They set up the first official range in Texas and have since expanded across Canada, Australia, Europe, and Singapore!

2. It was originally designed as a children’s activity. 

The founders wanted it to be completely non-lethal but also fun, which is why they took inspiration from dodgeball and laser tag games. Instead of using real arrows with sharp tips though, players use foam-tipped arrows. Another reason for this is that it prevents people who don’t know how to handle a bow from playing the game irresponsibly.

3. It is an indoor activity. 

When setting up your archery tag arena, you’ll be using inflatable obstacles to create a maze through which players will run around while tagging each other with their foam-tipped arrows! This makes it safe for everyone to play, even indoors during rainy weather. It’s perfect for birthday parties or after-school programs or even just a fun night out between friends!

4. There are lots of different ways to set up your course!

Different courses have different styles of play but are all based on the same basic idea of shooting opponents with body shots instead of headshots where arrows can do real damage. One variation is ‘the bomb’, a game where players try to tag each other with arrows until a player reaches a certain number. Another is the ‘snatch’ which is basically a variation of capturing the flag.

5. You can make your own equipment. 

There are many different ways you can customize your archery tag set up for archery Tag in Singapore, but one thing you definitely need is foam-tipped arrows! These can be made at home from items from around the house or from materials that you buy yourself from any craft store or online! The bow and arrow have been used as an athletic tool for thousands of years so don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible!

6. It is considered a very safe sport.

While playing the game, it’s impossible for players to get hurt. Arrows don’t have tips and can’t be fired very fast or with a lot of force, not to mention that the obstacle course is inflatable which adds another element of safety. You won’t need multiple people running around keeping an eye on everyone because there simply aren’t any dangerous aspects to this sport!

7. It is more than just a game: It’s also a workout! 

Many players who try this find themselves surprised by how physically demanding the activity is. The fast-paced movements and dodging required to make it almost like a real-life video game where you have to move your body in every direction! All those dashes through the obstacle course also add up to a really intense workout!

It’s been proven that physical activities can boost both memory and concentration in young minds which is why so many schools have taken up archery tags as a way to get their students active. The game has also been used as a way to introduce students to the idea of teamwork since everyone has a part to play in order for success!

9. It could be a professional sport one day! 

The competitive side of it has been growing over the past few years with ‘Archery Tag’ being officially recognized as an athletic event by several leagues including World Archery. In fact, it’s so much like traditional archery that there are now multiple Archery Tag World Championships being held around the world!

10. You can even play it at a bar! 

The popular sport is so safe and easy to learn that it’s been growing its popularity as a team-building exercise for corporations looking to build their employees’ teamwork skills. Plus, since you don’t have to use any special equipment or go outdoors where it could be dangerous, Archery Tag in Singapore is perfectly safe for everyone, including those who drink alcohol.

In conclusion:

Archery Tag is a fast-growing sport that combines the adrenaline of paintball with the precision required in archery. The best part? It’s safe for people of all ages to enjoy! If you want your kids to have an active, fun time after school or work, but they’re too young for team sports and don’t really like soccer or baseball, then this may be just what you’ve been waiting for. There are lots of different ways to set up your own course at home too – from using cardboard boxes as cover points to setting up obstacles with furniture around the house. Plus it’s also a great workout if you play competitively because players need power and agility while running across levels on their knees.

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