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10 Reasons Why Employees are More Engaged in Virtual Team Building Activities

10 Reasons Why Employees are More Engaged in Virtual Team Building Activities

Are you looking for a new way to keep your employees engaged? One of the best ways is by hosting virtual team building exercises. Virtual team building activities are a great way for them to contribute ideas and feel like they have an impact on the company while they’re off the clock. In one study, 68% of workers said that they felt like there were more opportunities for them to contribute their ideas when working virtually. And 54% said that virtual team building exercises were some of the most interesting assignments they completed each day. If you want your employees to be more engaged in their work, try out these virtual activities!

Here are the four reasons why employees are more engaged in virtual team building exercises:

1. Virtual exercises allow you to tap into a broad range of people

When you’re planning your exercise, don’t limit yourself! When running an in-person group activity, it’s easy to assume that everyone can make it and you may not be able to accommodate everyone’s schedule. It can also be difficult to find a location for everyone to meet up in person. With virtual team building activities, you can invite more employees and don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll be able to attend in real life.

2. Virtual exercises allow for more engaging interactions

When you’re running team building activities in-person, it can be difficult to get employees engaged with each other and the activity if they don’t know each other well or aren’t outgoing. The same amount of work that goes into organizing the activity will really show through when employees are able to work on a more personal level with their teammates. This leads to employees feeling connected and wanting to put in the extra effort to finish the work.

3. Employees who participate in virtual team building exercises feel more ownership toward company goals

Employees who have taken part in a virtual team building activity generally feel like they’ve contributed to their team’s success and that they understand their company’s goals better. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and an overall feeling of being more invested in the work that they do.

4. Virtual team building exercises encourage independence

When employees are running their own virtual activities, they’re able to learn how best to communicate with each other outside of face-to-face interactions. It may seem like you’re making employees do the work twice, but it actually leads to them becoming more independent and taking initiative toward future projects that they could be working on throughout the year.

5. Virtual exercises allow for better collaboration skills to form

When your employees are working toward a goal in person, it can be difficult for them to form healthy working relationships with their teammates. When they communicate through technology, employees are able to communicate more openly and more frequently which leads to better team collaboration overall.

6. Virtual exercises increase opportunities for employees to contribute ideas

When your employees are running virtual exercises, it’s important that they listen effectively and contribute what is best for the team. When they know that their ideas are important, they’ll be more engaged in future discussions since they have already had a hand in where the company is headed.

7. Virtual exercises allow for better communication with outside professionals

Virtual team building can also help you connect with vendors or other companies that you regularly work with on projects. There may be expertise that you don’t have on your team, but through the help of external professionals, employees will be able to work together to better accomplish their final goal.

8. Virtual exercises create a sustainable structure for company initiatives

Virtual company initiatives are best when they’re created over an extended period of time. With regular virtual meetings and regular check-ins, you’re able to create a sustainable and consistent environment for your employees and other outside professionals that they may want to bring into the conversation.

9. Employees learn how best to communicate with each other in different formats

With many companies switching to virtual meetings as opposed to in-person interactions, it’s important for your employees to know how best to communicate with each other in different formats. Virtual team building activities are a great way to help them learn the importance of communication in shifting circumstances.

10. Employees feel more motivated by virtual exercises

When your employees know that they’re doing something because it’s what’s best for their company, their morale will be much higher when it comes to completing tasks and projects. Virtual team building exercises allow for a better work-life balance since they don’t have to spend the majority of their time in an office, but they can still feel like they’re contributing to what’s best for everyone.

In conclusion:

Virtual team building exercises are a great way to help employees feel more motivated in their work. They also encourage independence, improve collaboration skills, and provide opportunities for your employees to contribute ideas. When you create regular virtual meetings or check-ins with outside professionals, it creates a sustainable structure for company initiatives that can be carried out over an extended period of time without the need for face-to-face interactions on a daily basis. Which of these ten reasons why employees engage in Virtual Team Building activities do you think is most important? Let us know!

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